Emergency 24×7 FT897D Winlink HF w/VHF access


Bob k7au – k7if Station Trustee/Engineer

There are (2) 24×7 gateways installed at the Emergency Communications Center k7if .  The first access is via VHF FM Packet on 145.630 mHz.  The radio is a Kenwood TM 241A running 10 watts into an OPEC dual band vertical collinear antenna at 25 ft.  The second input is HF and can be accessed worldwide on 30 meters 10144.0 mHz USB @ 20 watts in a Maldol vertical antenna at 25 ft.  It is a GPSDO disciplined TCXO in an FT897d being locked to a cellsite 10mHz signal derived from a Nortel/Trimble Standard.

The two stations are available to the Amateur Emergency Response Organization and are maintained by the k7if Panorama Residents Radio Club.  Station Engineer/license Trustee is Robert Kalkwarf k7au.

The purpose of the gateways is to provide Emergency Communications via Amateur Radio Emergency Services support to the FEMA Command structure which includes the map your neighborhood and CERTS organizations via the ARES network and under the direction of the Incident Command discipline and ARES Radio NET Control.  The significance is the ability to operate in a complete loss of the GRID.  No Power, No phones, No Internet.  It is battery powered and Generator backup.  Perhaps Solar Cells in the future.

More information will be available and I encourage amateur radio operators to join the Panorama Residents Radio Club and become involved in the operation of the NET Radio Communications and Winlink Communication messages matrix. Contact Diane Skov or Bob Kalkwarf for a tour of the facility and demonstration of the capability.

Bob Kalkwarf k7au

Win link worldwide 24×7 message service for EMS support

Maldol Antenna

WSPR report of K7IF 30 meter activity

WSPR 30 meters @ 5 watts

WSPR 30 meters @ 5 w

GPSDO system Nortel/Trimble cellsite LOCK

Our radio is lock to satellite signals

Constant monitor of satellite orbits and signals

Interface to radio and computer

Very accurate timebase

Our HF 24×7 GPSDO Transceiver

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